Belgian Thyroid club

Award Winners

2017 - M. Saiselet (ULB)

Down-regulated miRNAs in PTCopen new diagnostic perspectives

2016 - L. Langouche (KU LEUVEN)

Thiyroid hormone metabolism during critical illness.

2015 - A. Kyrilli (ULB)

Thiamazole as a pretreatment for radioiodine therapy in nodular goiter.

2014 - G. Roef (UGent)

Determinants and clinical correlates of interindividual variation in thyroid hormone levels.

2013 - Franscesco Antonica (ULB)

Embryonic stem cells differentiation into a functional thyroid gland

2012 - Stefanie Vandevijvere (WIV-ISP; ULB)

Optimizing iodine nutrition in Belgium

2011 - Robert Opitz (ULB)

Zebrafish as a Model to Study Thyroid Organogenesis

2010 - Liese Mebis (KU Leuven)

Molecular basis of the 'non-thyroidal illness' syndrome in critical illness

2009 - Xavier De Deken (ULB)

Thyroid and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

2008 - Anne-Catherine Grard (UCL)

ROS and RNS: key factors in ROS and RNS: key factors in goiter and goiter and thyroiditis thyroiditis