Belgian Thyroid club



The Belgian Thyroid Club (BTC) was born in 1990, by the initiative of Christian Beckers, Philippe De Nayer, Daniel Glinoer and Luc Vanhaelst. The BTC became “official” in 1992, at the first meeting organised by a group of belgian thyroid experts (C. Beckers, Ph. De Nayer, C. Durez, D. Glinoer, P. Kauffman).

There were several reasons for creating a “thyroid club” in Belgium, particularly the fact that, although different international clinical and scientific actions already existed, little time and few opportunities were left to discuss topics more directly related to the Belgian medical practice and/or scientific interests. Also around the same time, similar clubs already existed in the Netherlands, France, UK, and Denmark and had shown to be quite successful locally. For the Belgian situation, the “founding fathers” considered that many people were potentially interested by the thyroid gland, but because they belonged to different scientific oragnisations, they did not find it easy to meet together: pediatricians, surgeons, internists and endocrinologists, nuclearists, clinical biologists, immunologists, basic scientists, etc.

The idea was to discuss twice a year the work and results obtained in various fields.

Since then, this aim has largely been fulfilled. Bi-annual meetings are attended by professional clinical physicians who manage patients with thyroid disease, and by scientists who are conducting research on the physiology and diseases of the thyroid.

The present goal of the Belgian Thyroid Club remains to maintain a network of human and scientific relationships, and promote the knowledge and research on the thyroid gland and its diseases.